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Diving at Zenobia

«Zenobia» cargo ferry in Larnaca Cyprus is a spectacular shipwreck site for recreational and technical divers, sank on June 7th 1980 as a result of the problem with a balance computer. Length of the «Zenobia» is 178 meters, the ship lies on a sea bed by the left board with maximum depth of 42 meters, minimum depth of the right board is 16,7 meters. «Zenobia» ferry is situated in the list of 10 best world's shipwrecks! Three cargo decks of the «Zenobia» still contain 104 lorry trucks with their cargo: electrical devices, plastic toys, denatured alcohol, precious wood, construction machinery, food - beef and eggs, different spare parts and materials, sleep bags and so on... «Zenobia» has also two-level accommodation area, which was used for living of lorry drivers and crew - with cabins, cafeteria, laundry and infirmary! Lots of internal premises of the «Zenobia» are available for visiting - after simple special training and with proper guiding!

View from the bow of the ship will assess its size. Just look at the top anchor, anchor winch and bulb. Do not forget to look at the panorama of superstructures, including the captain's cabin and the navigation antenna on it. Using a good flashlight can be considered technical room through the open hatches.

Here you can visit the cafeteria and swim through on labyrinths of premises. Will get to Zenobia's infirmary and will see a picture from the seasons series! Look around or look up, through windows light beautifully gets. Want to see all the details and protect yourself from surprises - required to use flashlights!

Dived under the superstructures of the left board of the ship you literally feel like this hulk hangs over you. Practically all windows and entrances are filled up with ship equipments and different stuffs, however in some of them it is possible to highlight details of the ferry. On this dive it is necessary to work as flippers, but it will be only a third of 180 meter ship...

Here you can investigate the captain's bridge with its electronic control panels and panels of a radar. Outside you will see the remained lifeboat lying on a boat davits, the huge navigation antenna, portable devices and the loading crane with a control cabin.

Everywhere in a huge number, trucks lie: on the open deck, at a bottom and in the closed part of the top cargo compartment. Some of them are still fixed on the deck by chains. For the sake of trucks many people come to dive on Zenobia, forgetting unfortunately about beauty of the ship, but they can be understood - the show impresses!

Dive on fodder part of the ship to allow to make a traditional photo "we on propellers". Any of two running propellers wasn't removed from Zenobia, despite their big material value. On the way back pertinently to pass under the top pipe looking now rather as a huge wing, here you are expected by some interesting surprises. Along the route there are many marine animals, like around all artificiality reef named Zenobia!


One of distinctive features of this class of ship (roll-on/roll-off ferry) - existence of ramps. On them trucks came around on the top and main cargo decks. Now these giant bridges are in the raised position. It is difficult to present the huge sizes of ramps without having floated around and without having surveyed their lifting mechanisms. Nearby, at the bottom, "trucks" lie, ordinary chicken eggs were freight of one of them. Since 1980 and to this day you can find dozens of whole eggs!