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Diving in Cyprus

We are a qualified dive club in Larnaca, Cyprus. Our diving station is located nearly in front of our key site - the stunning and huge «Zenobia» shipwreck, probably the most easily accessible and intact ferry wreck for scuba divers in Europe! Our dive club is deeply specialized in PROFESSIONAL GUIDING at the «Zenobia»! We have an exceptional understanding of diving techniques and its mental side and have the ability to translate them to anyone who wants. All of our dive guides are CAUTIOUS instructors and experienced adepts of this wreck… After thousands of dives to the «Zenobia» they can safely and creatively show you the wreck outside and especially inside! We officially and responsibly provide outstanding diving education by CMAS, SDI, NAUI and IANTD for most of the scuba diving levels. The dive club holds a neat park of dive gear in excellent condition and we carefully rinse and store yours while you are diving with us. With experience in Cyprus we know pretty much about flights, lodgings, car rentals and excursions, and are forward to assisting - better to say forget any headaches! In our club you will be warmly treated as a friend but not as a wallet!

«Rusty Divers» developed the ability to deliver the taste of diving to anyone who dares :)

Experience, responsibility… Joy and Ocean)