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Diving in Cyprus

Since 2011 we have specialised in guided dive tours of the Zenobia ferry wreck. Let our highly experienced professional dive instructors take you on a safe, personal and fun adventure, to explore one of the most spectacular wrecks in the world!

We are pro diving center in Larnaca Cyprus located within minutes from the great Zenobia ferry wreck dive site! We offer - guided diving tours of the Zenobia and to other local dive sites, official scuba diving teaching with a wide range of modern courses and specialties, expert consulting on choice of dive equipment for purchase and a warm club atmosphere :)

Wreck diving at Zenobia. Whether a 16 metre dive to the Zenobia main deck and superstructure or a deeper penetration dive there is so much to see and experience at all levels of the immense wreck and artificial reef of the Zenobia! Our dive instructors expertly and safely navigate the length and breadth of the Zenobia just like the engineers who built her, guiding you via the most attractive routes through the inner sanctum of this fantastic wreck!

Scuba diving training. Whilst in Cyprus why not take advantage of the crystal clear, warm waters to learn to scuba dive or improve your existing dive skills in the safe hands of our awesome diving instructors and benefit from their many years as dive industry professionals, teaching and guiding students in many of the coolest dive locations worldwide. We provide different diving courses under CMAS, SDI, NAUI and IANTD authorisation!